The City that Captured the Sun, renowned for being the beer capital of the state. Dig into its dunes by Sandboarding all around it!

Pesca Mexicali

Fishing in Mexicali

Fishing is a highly appreciated activity in this region, we can say that the San Felipe tourism was founded by sport fishermen who learned of the existence of a single original in the world as it is the Totoaba, endemic to the region, which it is protected until our days have been considered, given its commercial exploitation, endangered. Still, it has greatly popularized fishing for species such as curbina, the Drumstick, the Cabrilla, the Cochito, Hake, the Sierra, the dogfish and others that because of its weight and size, are invaluable trophies for sport fisherman .

Agua Dulce

The town offers exciting places to practice like Laguna Bogard, Rio Hardy, the Cayman, the Cienega de Santa Clara, the Forest City, where you can participate in major tournaments throughout the year and there is also a network of 2,500 kilometers of canals. here you can find species such as bass, catfish de Cabal, Blue Catfish, Mojarra, Mojarrón, Carp and Tilapia to mention a few examples.

Agua Salada

The coast of San Felipe and sites like Rock Consag, Wreck, trucks, Punta Estrella or Percebú additionally fishing open sea, allows the capture and development of tournaments from t species up trophies as Sailfish, Marlin Dorado horse mackerel, among others. The most common species in the Gulf of California, highlighting the port of San Felipe (. Which is 200 km south of Mexicali) are: Corvina Golfina, Corvina Boca Amarilla, Chano, Cabrilla Pinta, Wavelet Rock, Blankets & Sierras. Where Lisa, Shrimp, Shark, Sardine and algae are also captured.


How To Get To Mexicali

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