The City that Captured the Sun, renowned for being the beer capital of the state. Dig into its dunes by Sandboarding all around it!

Rio Hardy

Mexicali a destination full of adventure

Mexicali besides being one of the main cities of the country and a developed metropolis is located in a municipality in its ecosystem that combines a variety of deserts, a fertile agricultural valley, towering mountains and beautiful beaches on the Sea of ​​Cortez. Also in the surrounding area within walking distance you can enjoy unique experiences in beautiful natural attractions of the state of Baja California, found mainly in the Sierra de Juarez and San Pedro Martir.

Make the most of adventure tourism in a destination that has an excellent range of hotels, infrastructure and support services.

Rancho Baja Cucapah

Live an unforgettable experience in the ecological zone of the Rio Hardy and Sierra Cucapá in the Mexicali Valley with each of the many activities of nature tourism, adventure and culture offered by the Rancho Baja Cucapah:

  • Explore and discover some of the history of the Colorado River Delta in Baja Cucapah.
  • Browse and knows the history of the Hardy River through "The Witch" (wooden boat for 21 passengers).
  • Low Cucapah Walk to Rio Hardy in "The Mule" (trailer pulled by a tractor seats).
  • Practice pedal kayak or small boat to sail in Rio Hardy.
  • Rent a mountain bike.
  • Camping and rests in a palapa.
  • Meet Lower Cocopah Museum.
  • Have fun at the Canopy Tour with three bridges and two zip.
  • Fishing Hardy River docks.
  • Stay at the only cottages overlooking the Rio Hardy and Sierra El Mayor.
  • Observe and photograph migrating birds in the Rio Hardy.
  • Taste the typical food of the Rio Hardy in the restaurant.
  • Make a guided hike Sierra El Mayor.
  • Cool off in the water area.

Carretera Mexicali - San Felipe, Km. 48.5 Mexicali, Baja California
Ph.: (686) 272-0648.

Campo Mosqueda

Born 1959 in Campo Mosqueda, a recreation center where you can enjoy nature and the beauty of the Rio Hardy, being an excellent place for those who enjoy ecotourism and adventure. The facilities and range of services find:

  • Designated camping with palapas and grills.
  • Rent of land facing the river motorhomes Hardy to install or build your cabin.
  • Water activities. Ramp to make use of menhaden, toilet or jet skis and kayaks and pedal boats.
  • Docks for fishing.
  • Outdoor spaces for the use of motorcycles, ATVs and bicycles.
  • Airfield. Tennis for small planes or private planes.
  • Convention Center. For meetings with a wonderful view of the Rio Hardy.
  • Accommodation service.
  • Restaurant.

Carretera Mexicali - San Felipe, Km. 53.5 Mexicali, Baja California
Ph: (686) 566-1520.


How To Get To Mexicali

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