The city of adventure, surf, diving, hiking and a vibrant nightlife. Don’t forget about enjoying its traditional World Famous Puerto Nuevo lobster. You just have to try it!

Surf en Rosarito


IMG 5879Surf School(2)In the early 60s the beaches of Tijuana, Rosarito and Ensenada in Baja California were visited by Americans, looking to meet new and lonely places for surfing; a generation of Mexican surfers who got tables used in Southern California and started running the first Mexican waves of the Pacific, the Pacific coast is a paradise for surfers, with waves and beaches of dreams every few kilometers along the coast. The range of waves ranging from long, gentle surf ideal for longboards and short boards.

In Playas de Rosarito the best places to start from Baja Maibu Mission in Playas de Rosarito where you will find waves all year considered world class for experts and beginners, which include: Baja Malibu and KM 38.

Rosarito has more than 4 kilometers of beach where the best areas are: North Beach located on one side of Pemex, Villas de Mar, Colonia Obrera and Pier. Farther surf you will find: Popotla, Calafia, KM-36, Campo Martha, gulls, Raul's, goats, Campo Lopez, Alisitos and many secret spots stone and sand that you must find.

If you want to learn or experience this fascinating adventure sport there are people who can help, the located opposite the famous Rosarito Hotel in the downtown area of Playa de Rosarito, has trained people also facilitate leasing equipment surf.

IMG 6075Surf School

During the months of August and September international surfing events where a large number of surfers both from Mexico, California and Latin America compete for an economic exchange they are made.

"In Rosarito there are waves for everyone"


How To Get To Rosarito

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